Kelly (holyknightkelly) wrote,

thefted this from steffy I am a sneaky theif

____YOUR LIFE____
[x] they call me: Kelly,Kelly
[x] sex: teenagemanboy
[x] my first breath of air: July 16th, 1985
[x] age: 19
[x] status: almost dead to the world
[x] occupation: I work in the movie buisness...behind the candy counter
[x] nationality: irish, scotish, english, dutch, german
[x] other sexy motherfuckers: April, Julie, Nicole, Katie, Megan, and Josh, he is oh so sexy

[x] most memorable memory: Graduation, my firt time, finally being with the person I ache for. You pick it.
[x] first word uttered: probably "dad"
[x] first bestfriend ever!?: April Dorthea Malamphy

[x] college planning to go: PSI
[x] future resident of: everywhere
[x] wedding: I dont know.....very dark and colorful though
[x] children: I dont expect any
[x] looking forward: To my new phone
[x] NOT looking forward to: Death alone

[x] feeling: nothing at the moment
[x] Listening: Apollo 13 and my keyboard
[x] Talking: to noone but myself
[x] doing: nothing but eating M&Ms
[x] craving: A cheeseburger, medium rare, little bit of pink in the middle
[x] thinking of: April
[x] hating: Almost everything

[x] love is: April
[x] first love: April
[x] current love: April
[x] love or lust?: both
[x] best love song: Any song can be a love song.
[x] is it possible to be in love w/ more than one person @ the same time?: I dont know
[x] when love hurts, you: try to know it will all be better
[x] true or false - all you need is love: true
[x] have you ever been in love?: yea
[x] is there such thing as love @ first sight?: no

[x] turn ons: legs, eyes, hair
[x] turn offs: rude and no manners
[x] does your parents' opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: no
[x] what kinda hair style?: long or short, just depends on what looks good on the person
[x] the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you?: make me feel like a god
[x] where do you go to meet new people?: in life
[x] are you the type of person to holler n ask for numbers?: no

[x] dog or cat: cats
[x] short or long hair: long
[x] innie or outie: innies
[x] sunshine or rain: rain
[x] moon or sun: moon
[x] basketball or football: football.
[x] righty or lefty: righty
[x] hugs or kisses: both
[x] 1 best friend or 10 acquaintances: best friend
[x] bf/gf or best friend: best friend
[x] tv or radio: radio
[x] starbucks or jamba juice: starbucks
[x] mc donalds or burger king: mcdonald's
[x] summer or winter: winter
[x] written letters or e-mails: letters
[x] playstation or nintendo: both
[x] disney or nickelodeon: disney
[x] car or motorcycle: VW Bus
[x] house party or club: neither
[x] sing or dance: sing
[x] freak or slow dance: slow
[x] yahoo messenger or aim: aim
[x] google or ask jeeves?: google

[x] can you swim?: yeah
[x] whats your most embarrassing moment?: being too nervouse during my first time
[x] what are you scared of?: life after death
[x] what kinda roof is over your head?: brand new with shingles.
[x] do you like tomatoes?: no
[x] how many TVs in the house?: 7
[x] how many phones?: 7
[x] how many residents?: 5
[x] how many DVDs do you have?: over 500
[x] last dentist visit: in october
[x] last doctor visit: long ago
[x] last phone call: noone
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