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I am tired

I am tired
tired of being the only good friend that some people have
tired of being the fallout when everything goes wrong
tired of trying to help and being ignored
tired of trying to do the right thing and not one person caring
tired of trying to keep people safe and them not caring
tired of explaining how I know what happens and then not one person listening
tired of everyone else being the real friend just because I dont want people to screw up their lives
tired of being put behind everyone because I dont smoke, or drink or do drugs anymore
tired of being told that someone cares and they dont give a damn
tired of trying to keep people out of trouble and them telling me to fuck off
tired of all this shit.

I am tired of it. Everything. Everyone. I cant seem to do a bit of good in this world trying to help people stay on a good straight healthy track, because everytime I try I am wrong. Everytime I, someone who has dont tons of drugs, smoked a hell of a lot and drank more than anyone in my family, doesnt know a damned thing about what can happen to the mind and body. I am tired of looking out for people when their friends dont give a damn. I am tired of people saying how much they care when they dont. I am tired of people saying they are a 'friend' but they dont look out for their friends. I am tired of it all.
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